Advanced Hair Education with David Ezra

DE Academy offers contemporary seminar and a fundamental understanding of key techniques that  provide a framework to build upon for all other work at any stage of your career, promoting suitability and empowering you by understanding when, why and how to make choices in your work.

Razor Cutting

Contemporary seminars allow you to take your fundamental techniques to the next level by utilizing salon friendly combinations of our classic techniques as well as introducing disconnection, asymmetry and other essential skills for today’s environment.

Cost: $100


Classic seminars lay the cornerstone for a strong technical approach by introducing and expanding upon the creation of Lines, Graduation and Layers in Round, Triangular and Square shapes.

Cost: $100

Color Correction

Spend the day with David Ezra as he teaches you how to properly resolve color issues for your client. The knowledge shared in this class is based on 20 years of experience, this fast-paced class with lots of info, you will learn techniques for everything from basic color theory to advanced color correction.

Cost: $200

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